What is the Uses of ROSUVIN-F (Rosuvastatin 10 mg + Fenofibrate 160 mg):

ROSUVIN-F is a combination medication that contains two active ingredients: rosuvastatin and fenofibrate. This combination is commonly used to manage lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) levels in the blood. Here are the primary uses of ROSUVIN-F:

  1. Hyperlipidemia: ROSUVIN-F is prescribed to treat hyperlipidemia, a condition characterized by elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It is particularly used when diet and lifestyle modifications alone are insufficient.
  2. Mixed Dyslipidemia: This medication is often used in cases of mixed dyslipidemia, where there are high levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides.
  3. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction: Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels with ROSUVIN-F can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks and strokes.

It’s important to note that ROSUVIN-F is typically prescribed in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal results in managing lipid levels.

Side Effects of ROSUVIN-F (Rosuvastatin 10 mg + Fenofibrate 160 mg):

While ROSUVIN-F is generally well-tolerated, it may cause side effects in some individuals. Common side effects include:

  1. Muscle Pain: Both rosuvastatin and fenofibrate can cause muscle-related side effects, including pain or weakness. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience persistent muscle discomfort.
  2. Digestive Issues: These can include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation.
  3. Liver Function Abnormalities: Monitoring of liver function may be necessary, as fenofibrate can affect liver enzymes.
  4. Increased Blood Sugar Levels: Fenofibrate may lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, and individuals with diabetes should be closely monitored.
  5. Allergic Reactions: Rarely, individuals may experience allergic reactions, including rash, itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing. Seek immediate medical attention if you observe signs of a severe allergic reaction.
  6. Gallstones: Fenofibrate may increase the risk of gallstones.

It is important to inform your healthcare provider about any pre-existing medical conditions, especially liver or kidney disorders, and to report any unusual or severe side effects promptly. This information provides a general overview, and individual responses to medication can vary. Always follow your healthcare professional’s guidance and adhere to prescribed doses.

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